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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Cthulu Collection


  1. Lots of stuff there, you must be quite an expert then. I have a bit of Cthulu stuff myself but mainly RP stuff and a couple of very large novel compilation.

  2. I have managed to not read any Cthulu stuff yet!

    Nice to catch up today!


  3. Don't ya love it when come across treasure like this picture?! I recently was organising a library after an influx of bookcases and realised how much cthulhu / weird stuff I have. The collection now has its very own dark spot to gather and lurk in silent waiting for the return of the great one.

    I'll post my photo response sometime soon.

  4. Awesome collection. Unfortunately all mine are ebooks. The fall of the small used book store has left stuff like that for high prices on Amazon and ebay.